EDTech is the penultimate time for comment!

The next meeting is scheduled for

Tuesday, June 20th


5:30pm at City Hall

We Are Almost Done!

On Wednesday, June 14, the Planning Commission approved accepting the recommendations of Planning Staff with only two changes:

  • Accessory structures cannot be self-certified for safety, they must have an inspection.
  • Accessory structures are to be viewed as “detached bedrooms” and part of the primary residence, so are not part of the one-plus-one option.

The PHSN Board and many active members agree that the proposal put forth is one we should accept. The planning staff came a long way thanks to the support of all of you by voicing your concerns. And Staff listened.


Because of all our efforts, we have achieved almost everything we asked for from the city:

  • no limit on hosted stays
  • no extra insurance requirement
  • self-certified safety inspections (except for accessory structures)
  • no host ID visible to public
  • self-certification on neighbor notification
  • accessory structures and duplexes are allowed for STRs.


We are disappointed by the 90 day limit on unhosted stays. Our stand has always been that there should be no limit on unhosted stays, with proper contact information and local assistance available.

However, we understand this is an area of concern to staff, commissioners, and neighborhood representatives. In the spirit of finding that “Goldielocks” solution that the commissioners seek, we can compromise on this issue.

We saw that the more the commissioners debated, the more likely it was that they would put more restrictions rather than less.

The commissioners indicated that they would be revisiting the issue of home sharing and short-term rentals after the new code has been in place for a year. At that time, we hope that the statistics of no complaints and good compliance to the regulations will encourage a lifting of the limit of days on unhosted stays.

Margaret said something very wise: “We show good faith by compromising. All night the commissioners talked about finding the ‘Goldielocks’ solution — something in the middle — and this is it.”

We hope everyone will agree that we have a good proposal.
Now it is time to move forward towards implementation.
Please come to the EDTech hearing on Tuesday, June 20 at 5:30 pm and show your support and enthusiasm to move forward with the city recommendations.

The EDTech meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 20th where the discussion on draft regulations for short-term rentals will be continued. The meeting time and location are:

Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2017
Time: 5:30 p.m.
Place: Pasadena City Hall
Council Chamber, Room S249
100 North Garfield Avenue