Who Are Pasadena’s Home Sharing Hosts?

We welcome you into our homes as your hosts and your citizen ambassadors to Pasadena.  We are an organization of hosts in the Pasadena area who support and advocate good hosting practices. Our group is comprised of more than 100 area residents. More than 45% of our group has earned the elite Superhost recognition from Airbnb, which signifies excellence in hosting standards.

We offer legally permitted short-term rentals of rooms, cottages, bungalows, casitas, and whole houses. We offer corporate and transitional lodging for more than 30 days. We are on-site hosts who live in the homes where we rent rooms or have cottages on our own property. We screen our guests carefully for compatibility. We are proud of our good hosting practices. We adhere to a high standard of respect for our neighborhoods and do not allow parties or noisy groups. The guests renting from us are part of our home life and neighborhood. We want to maintain the quiet, peaceful atmosphere that we all treasure.

Our members are a cross section of Pasadena itself — from all neighborhoods, ethnic groups, ages, and family situations. We all love living in Pasadena and enjoy sharing our city and our favorite hidden gems with our guests. We’re recent graduates, young families, single parents, empty nesters, retirees and widows. We’re professionals, artists and musicians, between jobs or tired of looking after long layoffs. The majority of our group is women over the age of 50. Home sharing incomes enable us to stay in our homes and to be contributing members of our community. By staying with us, you support our community and get a personal host who wants to make your visit to Pasadena enjoyable.

Number of years we’ve lived in our homes
  • 21+ Years 12% 12%
  • 16-20 Years 15% 15%
  • 11-15 Years 42% 42%
  • 6-10 Years 22% 22%
  • 0-5 Years 16% 16%

Our Mission Statement

To support and mentor each other and foster excellence in hosting.

We Are long-term residents

Most have live in their neighborhoods more than 10 years

We are artists, musicians, entrepreneurs:

Pasadena HomeSharing Network members contribute to our city’s culture

We need home sharing income:

The majority of Pasadena HomeSharing Network members depend on home sharing income to pay basic expenses

We are seniors or nearing retirement:

More than 50% of our members are over the age of 50; most members are single women over the age of 50

We are not absentee landlords:

Pasadena HomeSharing Network is composed of home sharers, not absentee vacation rental landlords

All of us are citizen diplomats, doing our part to make one less stranger in the world. We provide a home environment and local perspective for our guests, who come here from all parts of the globe, and for reasons as diverse as they are — resettlement, study, internships, visiting relatives, and tourism.  We welcome them in the tradition of Pasadena hospitality.

Affiliations and Memberships

Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
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